In-Studio Massage ~ Serving Greater San Diego
In-Studio Massage ~ Serving Greater San Diego
Increased Blood Flow = Increased Healing Power

This is not a run of the mill spa massage. That's not what I do. Just as in Occupational or Physical Therapy, the Massage Therapy I offer is actual THERAPY.

I put together this photo gallery to visually show the beneficial effects of massage on the body. The red marks you see here are called Hyperemia, which means increased blood flow. Most people's bodies are ischemic, meaning lacking blood flow. As the massage progresses, we are increasing the oxygenated blood flow to the muscles, which presents as hyperemia. This is what your body needs to be healthy. Through the years, I have fine tuned my ability to zone in on the muscles that most need it and create this hyperemia.

Having massages regularly will increase the hyperemia which will improve your body's overall function and health. It will also speed up recovery from workouts and from injuries, and is very beneficial for healing post-surgery. Massage not only increases blood flow, but also helps to excrete the lymphatic system to remove toxins, increases muscle tone, and decreases the appearance of cellulite. It helps the body to maintain homeostasis, or equilibrium.

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