COVID-SAFE Mobile Massage ~ Serving Greater San Diego
COVID-SAFE Mobile Massage ~ Serving Greater San Diego
Pregnancy Massage
I have decades of experience providing gentle, therapeutic massage to expectant mothers, focusing on safety and comfort for both mother and baby.
About Pregnancy Massage
Safety for both mother and baby is my highest priority. After years of research and experience, I found that facedown position, even for a short period of time, was not safe. That's why these massages are performed entirely with the mother-to-be sidelined. I also avoid reflexology points known to be potentially harmful to pregnant women.
The client is supported by pillows and provided a gentle, relaxing, therapeutic massage designed to relieve discomfort associated with pregnancy. During your second and third trimester, massage can help to relieve pain and promote overall health and wellbeing for mother and baby.
Jocille Ady Available Monday-Saturday 9am-1pm
Louise Hughes available Monday-Saturday 2-7pm
All massages (PERFECT MASSAGE, Pregnancy, or Oncology) have the same pricing.
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Prices for Jocille Ady are the same, but she accepts payments directly via Venmo. To schedule or handle payments with Jocille, please call (619)887-8472 or email

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